The Best Love Story Ever Told


(This picture was about a month after we started dating. 😍)

…at least to me it is. 💞

Let me just start by saying that any journey to becoming parents, especially if you have trouble conceiving, cannot be traveled without a healthy and strong marriage. My plan for this section of the blog, “True Love”, is to put in marriage tips, date ideas and much more to help keep the fire burning in our marriages while getting through this challenging time. And, maybe fall in love with your spouse all over again! But first, our love story on how we met! (Because it’s so much fun to tell 😜)

All growing up through high school and almost all of college I never went out on a single date with anyone. I barely even had guy friends. (Growing up going to a ballet studio 5 days a week might have had something to do with that…hmm) Closer to the end of my time in college, I had gone out on about two first dates that were set up by friends that were, well, let’s just say those two guys were better off finding other girls that were better suited for their personality. 

After college, I moved to Arkansas and started teaching dance at a local studio down there. Moving there Summer of 2009. That following September, I had attended a weekend event for swing dancers (the kind of dancing set to old big band music of the 40s. If you have never tried it you should!) where I went to a workshop class. There, I was partnered with this guy that had also showed up without a partner to the class. He was a pretty cute red head and I was kinda distracted by his looks and personality. It was kinda hard to pay attention to the class! 😉 Found out his name was, you guessed it, Brett. 

When the weekend of classes and dances was over, we went our separate ways and went on with life. I couldn’t get my mind off of this cute red head though. Always wanting to know what he was up to and if he was thinking of me at all. (I was a little twitterpated by him if you couldn’t tell.) Me being stubborn and old fashion, I wasn’t going to reach out to him. He was the guy so he needed to make the first move, by golly! And, he did! At the end of December, yes 3 long months later, he finally contacted me through Facebook. We hit it off right away. The downfall, he lived an hour away. But he was willing to drive an hour to meet with me for dinner and take a dance class together. I was so excited about the chance to get to see him again! 

The night went exactly how I had hoped. The ease of talking to him, and the fun we had at the class just topped off everything! I just knew from then on that this was meant to be, that this was the start of what was going to be the best adventure I would ever be on! And it is!


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