Pins and Needles! 

  Since starting this blog, I have had an overwhelming amount of people message me to ask about the types of treatments I've been through and all the details on how each treatment worked. Such as; meds, side effects to those meds, appointment scheduling, and much more. So I thought I would take a minute to … Continue reading Pins and Needles! 


The Hope Chest

When my husband and I first started this journey to becoming parents, I was so excited about planning...EVERYTHING! From nursery colors, to what kind of outfits I would dress my baby in. And of course, baby names. I would go to baby sections of stores and just 'window shop'. But with every passing month, that … Continue reading The Hope Chest

Torie & Noah

Here is another great testimony of God's Faithfulness. I met Torie through friend's while my husband was deployed. We ended up getting referred to the same fertility doctor and developed such a close relationship spending countless hours going back and forth to the clinic that was an hour away for our appointments. A friendship I … Continue reading Torie & Noah