Great Night For a Date Night!

As I’ve stated in my post about how my husband and I met, I am going to be putting together blog posts about marriage as well as the stories of our journey through infertility. 

What is a better way to help with your marriage than spending time together?! I thought for my first post for this section it would be a great idea to just start with some great date ideas! With the help of some of some ladies that commented on a post that I made on my Facebook Page I have compiled a list of both big and small things you can do with your spouse to spend some time together! Enjoy!


This is a great way to spend some alone time, and get active as well! Why not it really make it romantic and make it either a sunrise or a sunset hike to a lookout point? Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the view!


Bring out the kid again and color together! This is a very relaxing and enjoyable pass time. If you have kids, this is something that everyone can sit down and do together. 

Reading out loud to each other

Whether it’s a novel, a devotional, or anything else you both have interest in, reading together is just a fun way to connect. And, hey, maybe each pick a charecter and act it out as you go! 🙂


This is a very inexpensive date. My husband and I find a local thrift store and give each other a budget of say $5 and we set off to see who can find the most unique and out there item we can find and see who found the best! Haha

Take a dance class together

Taking a partner dance class is a great way to spend time together. It also is about a solid hour of holding your spouse, real close! 😉 (What other reason do you need?) 

Dressing up for a fast food date

Getting all dressed up is always fun, especially for us girls. So why not on a budget, get dressed up and go to a fast food place with a table cloth and make your own “fancy dinner date”!

Investing in a Fire 

This was such a good idea! For those nights you don’t have time to actually go out somewhere, lighting a fire in the back yard and sitting out talking to your spouse under the stars. This also gets you outside so that all the distractions of housework, etc. are not around you and you can focus on genuine conversation with each other! 

Vacation no destination 

Now this is something that could done over a weekend or just for a day. But set out in the car and every time you hit an intersection flip a coin. Heads is right, tails is left. And just keep driving until dinner time and see what’s around and eat there for dinner. Really fun to be spontaneous together! 

I hope this list helps spark some ideas of different ways to spend time with your spouse and build your relationship together. What is your favorite activity you do with your spouse? Comment below and share your ideas! 

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