The Hope Chest

When my husband and I first started this journey to becoming parents, I was so excited about planning…EVERYTHING! From nursery colors, to what kind of outfits I would dress my baby in. And of course, baby names. I would go to baby sections of stores and just ‘window shop’. But with every passing month, that excitement would fade little by little. Until, I just wanted to never see a baby section again, and to be honest, I didn’t want to see babies either. My heart just broke. Then, one day, about 2 years ago, I had someone suggest to me, “why don’t you just get some baby things here and there and just save them?” I thought to myself, that is not a bad idea. I mean, people do it in hopes of getting married one day, so why not a baby? That is when I started my own ‘baby’ Hope Chest.

My husband and I sat down and budgeted to set aside $15 a month that I can go shopping for a baby item to add to my box. It ranges from decor for the nursery, to just a package of diapers. Depends on what I feel that month. To be honest though, some months are just to hard to think about baby items, so I don’t end up going. But that is ok. I just get $30 the next month to spend! 😉 Brett and I even go together and shop sometimes, which makes it fun to plan and anticipate together. (Remember, even though he may not show it, he is going through some of the same emotions that you are. He is trying to be strong for the both of you. Be sure to include him too.) 

Right now, we are living with my parents in the process of building a house. (So exciting!) Since we don’t have space to store our items here, we are setting aside our $15 a month to pay for a crib when we get to our house. That is something I am looking forward to shopping for! 

Ladies, I say all of this simply to say that it is ok to hope, to dream. God placed these dreams in our hearts for a reason. And even though it doesn’t happen when we feel it should, it will in His timing. Just continue to have faith and pursue life knowing that God does and will answer prayers! 

So, let’s have some fun! If you have started your own ‘Baby’ Hope Chest, what have you put in it so far? If you haven’t, will you start one? And, what will be the first thing you might put in there?

P.S. I would share a picture of my items, but it is all in a storage unit waiting to go into our new house! Hehe

6 thoughts on “The Hope Chest

  1. Wow, I too have a ‘hope chest’, but its also my spare bedroom closet. I have picked up pieces that I want to save, including stuffed lamb dolls and books and clothes from my husbands childhood. I even have a name list with dozens of names I would like to use. Its hard waiting and hoping, but eventually it will all be worth it! Thanks for sharing! *Hugs and Baby Dust*


  2. I’m so glad you shared this as it’s quite a rare topic. I don’t have a hope chest per say, but I have a box of baby clothes I’ve accumulated over the last few years that lives in my closet. I only buy clothing, not other stuff like I’ve seen in other people’s hope chests. I’m quite a few years away from having kids as I’m 24 and single! so I only buy classic pieces I know I will love for years (no cartoon characters or slogans). I usually spend a bit more money on them too as I have the money now and I want things that will keep for years and hopefully be in good enough condition to pass down to my grandchildren someday.


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