Pins and Needles! 


Follistem injection pen. (Your not-so-best-friend during treatments.)

 Since starting this blog, I have had an overwhelming amount of people message me to ask about the types of treatments I’ve been through and all the details on how each treatment worked. Such as; meds, side effects to those meds, appointment scheduling, and much more. So I thought I would take a minute to explain in as much detail as I can remember all the ins and outs of each treatment that I have done. Aren’t you on pins and needles to find out?!? 

The reason for such a title to this post? Well, I would say 75-80% of all fertility treatments involve injections, and a lot of them! So be ready, ladies. It’s a wild ride! You can look up any of there treatments and drugs on a website such as Mayo Clinic to get all the specifics. I am no expert so I would research yourself and consult your doctor to figure out what treatments are best for you. 

I will start with the first treatments and work my way to the most recent ones…

Laporscopic Surgery

When we first started this journey of seeking help with conceiving, my OB/GYN had a feeling that I had a disease known as endometriosis. (Which I had been trying to convince doctors to test me for it for years!) The only way to test for this disease, however, is through laporscopic surgery to explore in my abdomin if it is there, since it does not show up on ultrasounds or CT scans. 

Low and behold! My doctor found the disease and was able to clean out what he could. (I will go into more detail of this disease in a later blog, but for now this is good.) While he was in there he did some “exploring” and found that I had a septum, or wall, down the middle of my uterus. He was not qualified to remove this, so to make a long story short, I later had it removed by a different doctor at a later date. 

Clomid Cycles

The first set of the medicated treatments I did was an oral drug called Clomid. This drug you take on days 5-9 of your cycle and it helps your body ovulate on time to be able to time it better. For me, because of the low dose my doctor gave me, I didn’t have too many side effects except for being a little more emotional than usual those 3 months I tried this treatment. Nothing ended up coming of this treatment in the end for us. And after no luck, my OB/GYN ended up referring us to a fertility specialist. There we did the following treatments. 

Timed Intercourse Cycles

Now, this might seem like TMI! But, the more that you get into treatments, the more your life is an open book. Pretty much every part of it! Haha. 

For this treatment I was on 4 different medicines; Femera, Follistim, Ovidril, and Progestrone. 

The Femera pills prepped my body to create eggs and taken days 3-7 of my cycle, the Follistim injections forced my body to create multiple eggs and injections taken twice a day days 5 through usually day 10, 11 or 12, the Ovidril injection caused my body to ovulate taken one time sometime between day 12-14 of my cycle, and the Progestrone was a suppository pill inserted vaginally that aided in building the lining of my uterus and postpone my next period from coming so a pregnancy could take hold and taken twice a day for the inevitable “2 week wait”.

For the most part all of these drugs had similar side effects, for me that is. Mood swings, light cramping, itchiness where I did the injections (Which were all in my belly) and others, almost like I was in a constant state of PMS. (I know not exactly a fun time, for me or my husband.) 

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