This is Life, This is Love

On the 22nd of June, it was my birthday. And let’s just say that sometimes we make plans and think everything is going to go just perfect! And then…

They don’t. Life just, happens. 

I had thought of these plans and made sure I was able to give away my shift for that day so I could have the day off. I ended up doing it on the 23rd instead because Brett was already supposed to have off that day and then we could spend the whole day together. But then…

We can’t. Life just, happens.

When Brett rechecked his schedule at the beginning of this week. He got scheduled to work that day. I was so upset. I had already given that day away to work myself so now we were back to the normal, I finally have a day off and you have to work but he doesn’t senario that has now become our life. Until something better than I could have planned myself ends up coming into play. 

A coworker of mine found out that my husband got scheduled on his day off and that I then had no one to hang out with during the day and was able to come and hang out with me for the day at Hollywood Studios! It turned into being a great day getting to know a new friend. After Brett got off work, he was able to meet us for a bit at the park and then my new friend had somewhere to be that evening so we parted ways. From there…

Disaster. Life just, happens.

We get to the parking lot and Brett says, “Please don’t be upset, but I forgot to get your birthday gift.” And if I am going to be honest, I was more than a little upset. Gifts is one of my top love languages and the fact that he forgot the gift for my birthday night together, well I was upset, no matter how hard I tried not to be. But we moved on. 

From there we went to Disney Springs for dinner to eat at one of my favorite sandwich places. That was good and nothing went wrong there. Just yummy food and great company with the hubby! 

After dinner was the one thing I was actually looking forward to the whole day. There was a comedian that performs a free show at one of the resorts on Wednesday through Sunday nights. All of which I am usually working. So I was super excited the day I took off was a night he was supposed to be there. There is a 20 min river cruise that goes from Disney Springs to the resort that was nice and relaxing. 

On the River Cruise

Well, we get there and he wasn’t there that night. He was off for this weekend. I was so crushed. The whole reason I took off when I did and he wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do after that. Brett had found out before we got there that there was carriage rides and so he took me over to go and do that. And…you guessed it…they were booked up for the night. With all of this, I just wanted to go home, so we did. 

My night that I had waited for, for over a week had turned into what I thought was just the worst night ever. Great day but not a fun night. But then…

The unexpected. Love just, happens! 

The following day, I was scheduled for a day shift and Brett had off. He surprised me that morning and told me he would take me to and from work so I didn’t have to drive that day. Such a gentleman. When he picked me up that afternoon, and we arrived home, there was a meal of homemade French dip sandwiches, gifts all wrapped nice and neat on the counter, and the table set for two. 

He felt bad about the fact that the main thing that I was looking forward to the night before hadn’t happened. So he put together a dinner (with some help form my mom) and bought a DVD of one our favorite comedians and we had a comedy night at the house just us! That night was so much better than I could have planned by myself! All that I was upset about the day before all seemed so small and insignificant after coming home to that. I am truly blessed with such a caring and loving husband that really does care about my feelings. 

All this was a reminder of something. Something that is hard to remember sometimes. We make plans for a lot of things both big and small in life. Thinking that the world will come to an end if it doesn’t. But what does happen is better than what we origanlly planned. For instance, staring our family. I still have not learned why God made as long as we did or go through all that we did to get where we are ( and I may not ever learn), but I do know that God’s timing is always perfect and His plans are better than our own. Just like my husband’s planned night in was better than what I had planned out the night before. 

This is life, this is love! 

my gifts from my hubby!

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