Kristin’s Story

Recently, I had asked on my personal Facebook for anyone willing to share their infertility testimony for the blog. Shortly after, I heard from a friend of my parents saying she would be willing to share her story. I met Kristin in my short time living in Hawaii and my parents are still good friends with them. Here is her story in her own words. Be blessed by this testimony! 

Kristin wrote…

Infertility….still not an easy word to write and confess having to struggle with. My experience with infertility started in 2009, almost seven years ago. Some days it feels as if it never happened to us as a couple and other days I still feel the slight pain of having little control over my own body. I would first like to start off with saying how brave and proud of Vanessa I am. She is sharing her experience as she goes through it and I never felt strong enough to do that during my own journey. I felt alone, lost friendships, and struggled with both God and my husband; why couldn’t I become a Mom on my own terms? But I am on the other end of the tunnel now and can say without a doubt, that God had a greater plan than my own. When Vanessa asked for other’s stories, I felt like I was ready to share what I had gone through in order to bring comfort to others experiencing a similar situation. I relied heavily on hope through all of our struggles and at times it is all I had.  

To introduce myself, my name is Kristin and I am a mother of two adopted children. I am an adoptee myself, and always had a desire to adopt, but did not know exactly how that would look. So that takes us to 2009 and four years into our marriage. Like many young couples trying to conceive, we were told to give ourselves two years of trying naturally before we started any kind of treatment and so we did. Then two years came and went and I felt like there was a problem, but I was praying it was all in my head. It only took one visit to a fertility specialist to get a possible cause of our inability to conceive. As a couple we were not prime candidates, but I will speak of my own diagnosis since it is my testimony to share. When we had our first ultrasound, I was told I have a low ovarian reserve. A low ovarian reserve basically boils down to not having a large supply of eggs (you are born with all you have). At 24, I was told my egg count looked like that of a 42 year old. Not exactly what I was expecting at my age, this also meant fertility treatments might not work. You have to have numerous eggs in order for many of the treatments to even have a chance of working.  

So fast forward to our IUI and countless trips to the doctor, our first attempt failed. It was the most promising, ideal circumstances for our first procedure. When it failed our doctor told us our only real chance might be IVF, but it was unlikely due to not having enough eggs to fertilize. That day he did say he was glad we were considering adoption and thankfully for both of us we were open to it. IVF and adoption are far from cheap and we had to pray about where we wanted our savings to go to. God was giving me the push I needed to make adoption our way to grow our family. Similarly to IVF, adoption replaces needles with paperwork, hospitals with government offices, judgment of doctors and other patients with that of social workers, birthing classes with parenting classes, and includes the same stress of anxiously awaiting the unknown while displaying an outer shell of positivity and confidence. Adoption may not be a child born of your own blood, rather it is a child chosen by God that you are meant to parent. Our two children are not perfect, but they were perfectly created for us. I know that without a doubt.  

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