To My “One in a Millie Anne”

Dearest Millie, 

You are so precious to me. Your father and I have prayed for you and your little life long before you were even conceived. Praying for you to come. Praying for the person you would become. Praying that you would one day be a world changer. 

Now that you are here in my arms it takes my breath away to see the goodness of God’s love in your little face. 

As you grow and learn about the world around you, just remember to always be yourself and that your daddy and I will always love you. We will always be here for you. Chase your dreams. Don’t hold back. You will do incredible things with those dreams! 

I pray everyday that God will show himself to you in His own special way that will guide you to His plan for your life. This life is never easy, but keep your eyes focused on the Lord and He will always be with you through everything. 

You are my world. You are the one who made me “mommy.” My “One in a Millie Anne.” 

I love you dearly, 


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