The Love of My Life

There are times when I think back at all the major decisions I have made through the years and think to myself, “I wonder what would have happened or what my life would have been like if I had done this or that instead?” “Would I be married to the same guy?” “Would I be living where I am living?” “What aspects of my life might be different had I not taken the roads I took in life?” 

The biggest blessing of the all choices through the years is that they lead me to meeting and marrying my husband. And this post is to some brag a little bit about how great of a man he is to me and those around him. I couldn’t me more lucky of a girl if I had planned this life myself. 

Yesterday my husband a lunch meeting with one his professors at his university he is attending to get his master’s degree. This meeting was only supposed to be about 30min long but after him being gone for about 2.5 hrs I decided to call him to make sure he wasn’t in a car wreck or something like that. (Over-dramatic, I know. But better to be safe than sorry.) 

When he answered, he informed me that he was on his way home but was stopping at Wendy’s first. Slightly confused, since the meeting with his professor was a lunch meeting, he said that he had stopped and talked to a guy on his way home that needed a meal so he wanted to make sure the guy got some food and was able to pray with him. When I got off the phone, I couldn’t help but smile. How could I be so blessed to have such a sensitive guy as my husband. 

A little later, all of a sudden the door bell rang. I was confused because I wasn’t expecting anyone that day. I went and opened the door and there my husband was standing with a dozen roses, a card, and a bottle of sparkling grape juice. I was speechless. He said, “Since we are celebrating Valentine’s Day a day early, I wanted to do it right.” And he also had single rose for our daughter. She is just shy of two months old and her daddy is already showing her how a lady should be treated. Watching my husband be a daddy makes fall in love with him more and more everyday. 

We ended our evening with a dinner date while my parents watched our daughter. And it was a great night. 

God has truly answered my prayers through the years beyond what I even imaged with my amazing husband and precious little girl. The journey to get here, to this place has not been anything that I would have planned or asked for but I would not be in the place without this journey. My husband has shown me recently what it really means to love the all of God’s people, no matter where they are at in life. I have always done that but watching him has really opened my eyes to how much more I can do better in that area. And yet he still loves his little family and shows us in his own ways and we are just as loved and cared for as the hungry man he meets on the street. 

I love him so much and feel so blessed and honored to be his wife! 

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