1st Year in Review: Trusting God and Answered Prayers

Right around a year ago, I started this blog. And boy what a year it has been. 

I thought I would take a moment to look back on what all has gone on in that amount of time. What prayers have been answered and what we have had to trust God for every day.  

When I started this blog last March, my husband, Brett, and I were just coming through a major transition. Brett had just gotten out of the military the month before and we had moved to Florida and both started new jobs at Disney. We were also in the process of building and buying a house. (Which, if you haven’t ever done that before, it can be a pretty stressful process.) After a miscarriage the October before and with the anticipation of the up coming move, our journey to starting a family was put on hold until we could get settled here in Florida. 

Even though we were not actively “trying” I really needed an outlet to be able to process all that had happened with our infertility journey and be able to answer questions a lot of my friends and family were asking pertaining to the subject. I thought what better way to do that than a blog. So I sat down and put this blog together. To help encourage others who may be going through similar situations and to keep everyone up to date on our story. 

In the mean time, there were plenty of prayers and tears by myself and my husband not really know where to go from here. Multiple failed fertility cycles, 2 miscarriages, and no real hope for anything happening in the future. We were crushed inside. 

Then the miraculous happened…

About a month after I started this blog, I found out I was pregnant! To say I was shocked would be an understatement! After all we went through for the past 4 years, we get pregnant without any form of treatments or tracking. All I can say is God can do anything, and one of the biggest things I had been praying for had finally been answered. I was going to be a mom. 

Now, with that news as excited as we were, I did have a thought. “What am I going to do about this blog I just started a month ago to help encourage people going through infertility?” “The last thing they are going to want read about is that yet another person got pregnant and they didn’t.” 

But something inside me said to keep it going. To encourage others of answered prayers. That is when I also started adding testimonies and stories of others who are walking this road as well. Making this a community. And what a rewarding journey this has been! Reading couples’ stories and being able to share them has brought so much joy to my life. And the response of others has been amazing. I am so thankful I kept this going and I hope you all have been encouraged by it as well. 

This past year since starting the blog we have gotten pregnant, had our beautiful baby girl, moved into our own home, my husband started his Master’s degree program, and we started up as the youth pastors at our church. Phew! Through all of this I can’t help but praise God in the crazy. I am ready to see what this next year will bring. How about you?! 

(Side note: if you have a story you would like to share on this blog, feel free to email me at fertileatheart@gmail.com!) 


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