Be Still

Being still…..

Easier said then done sometimes. In the hustle of life. In the pursuit of our dreams. In the stresses of what comes with trying to pursue our dreams. How often do we take a deep breath, sit down, and just reflect on the greatness of God? In the vastness of His Glory? I have to admit, at least for myself, not as much as I should.

Just surviving the day to day for our family is hard soemtimes these days. My husband is in school and working. I am working, and we are youth pastors at our church. We also have our precious little baby to take care of. Our life feels like we can’t ever just take a breath sometimes. But in reality, if we really examine our life, there is more time than we think to take a breath and see God in all of His greatness in not only the good parts of our life but also what He has done to get us through during the hard times.

Going through the journey of fertility treatments is an exhausting and time consuming process. And if you are also trying to fit in all of life’s other tasks in the midst of that it’s very overwhelming. Being still in the midst of all of that….can seem downright impossible. Just know that God is always there. If we stop for even just a few moments every day, really focus on His glory and greatness, and spend time with Him, He will renew our spirit in such a way that we will be able to get through this crazy thing called life and not only survive but truly thrive in the process. Nothing is too great for God. He will carry our burdens for us if we are willing to let Him. How do we do that? By, you guessed it, being still in His presents and lifting up all of those issues to Him.

So my challenge to you in all of this?

Take a moment, right now, close your eyes and focus on God. Thank Him for His greatest and mercy in your life. Lift up your burdens to Him, that next treatment cycle, the ones previous that failed, that overwhelming desire to become parents that never leaves the forefront of your mind, etc. Allow Him to be with you and carry you through it all. He has been and always will be there with you.

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