Hope in the New Year: God Never Gives Up on Your Dreams

God never gives up on your dreams.

Neither should you.

That dream that He himself planted on your heart so long ago that doesn’t seem to ever come to pass? God is molding it and shaping it to a better story than you could imagine for yourself. Just as for us, we spent four years going through the infertility journey. And after trying so many different treatments and Doctors, ended up conceiving our little girl all on our own. And less than a year after giving birth to her….

We now have a second little miracle on the way that was conceived with no medical help that is due this coming July! God is so good!

Never did I dream in a million years that we would be so blessed. That God would see us worthy of such responsibility of two little precious lives to raise for Him.

I hate to admit that more than once through all of the waiting I wanted to throw in the towel and give up hope that we would ever be able to have our own children. But something inside of me just could not completely let go. And I’m glad that I never did because this life is overwhelmingly more than I would have put together myself.

This New Year let that dream grow and keep holding onto it. Keep that faith and hope there and just watch and see the story unfold in a way that is far different but better than you might ever expect.

God never gives up on your dreams.

Neither should you.

So, what are your dreams that you might only be hanging onto by a thread? Are you allowing that thread of hope be woven together with other threads to make a larger tapestry more beautiful than what the one thread can show? My challenge to you…

Take the time to weave those threads of hope together. Make it stronger together and more ornate than one thread can be itself. Trust in God. Hope is there with Him.

God never gives up on your dreams.

Neither should you.

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