God is Faithful (Testimonies)

One thing that has always touched my heart more than anything being this journey through infertility is hearing the stories of God’s faithfulness in fulfilling the dreams that were placed in the hearts of so many. Hearing their struggles. The ups, downs, and everything in between that they have been through and seeing the precious miracle that is in their arms brings a tear to my eye.

In this section I will be posting stories and Testemonies of those that have walked in our shoes and had their prayers answered in the most unlikely of ways. Be encouraged by their stories as I was! If you have a story/testimony you would like to share,whether it ended in biological children, adoption, foster care, or your dreams have yet to be fulfilled but feel a call to share your story, feel free to email me your story at fertileatheart@gmail.com and, with your permission I may share it here as well!

Be encouraged, you are not alone!